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      The Ningbo World Hotel (Ningbo Dajiudian) is located about 40 kilometers from Ningbo Lishe International Airport and 3 kilometers from Ningbo South Railway Station.

This Ningbo hotel boasts a variety of guestrooms,  all equipped with in-room safes,  international direct dial telephones,  satellite TVs and air conditioning.

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住客评论 2782条评论     4.2分/5分 更多
  • L-yangyang
    Good location, the environment can also
  • finallylee
    Surrounding environment have no say, and convenient transportation, is old facilities
  • Jennyrongbaby
    Very good location, high cost performance
  • lynn_wj
    Hotel is located in days a square next, around commercial is downtown, traffic also is convenient, hotel before and after door out are has road, took bus and taxi is easy of. around dinner of place also many, various document bit of restaurant are has. hotel facilities somewhat old, door are somewhat deformation has, closed to with is big of strength, room health clean of also is is clean of, especially some details of place, General people note not to of place are can to clean clean, this for facilities somewhat old of roomFor to such also is really is not easy of, room has wired broadband, playing a phone immediately on to sent to a wireless router, received Shang on has wireless signal has, is easy of. insufficient of aspects is breakfast somewhat poor, varieties not more can understanding, hotel wants to control cost, but service also with not Shang, coffee, milk are need to desk to to only to, fried eggs and cook surface of master often is not, culture root and sausage also to find fried egg of master to, and also often no, three days breakfast only catchShang day has, tableware is is free of, first days OK has fork, second days on no has, find has waiter only to took has to, third days also is no pendulum out, too lazy to again find waiter to has. hotel breakfast Shang of bread making level somewhat too poor, even Street General of pastry shop are do not out so poor of bread, fruit in the of banana core are is black of. dining order also very poor, some guest put whole cage of bun even drawer are got himself table Shang, waiter saw also not discourage, Last a drawer six a bun left has four a on go has, waiter and to put back meal stage has. hotel before and after door are has parking, asked front desk live guest of car how Park Shi, front desk of answered is; parking is hotel of, live guest parking also to charges. again asked how charges Shi, answer to himself and car master discuss received how many money, seems Ningbo of open degree is is high of.
  • lynnin
    Every time I come here, hotel facilities are very old, service breakfast can also
  • e00860758
    Convenient from Tianyi square, and Yi Avenue, very close to the River, morning and evening on the river walk is very good!
  • a413206929
    Just so-so, but worth the price
  • baggioangel
    Nice ~
  • SevenAn
    Also, is the old point
  • annlnn
    Room too small, the toilet had been leaking the voice, and the rest are satisfied
  • ddimm
    The old hotel was clean bed firm sleep comfortable
  • gaowei224
    Feeling in General.
  • pixiem
    Expensive! poor service!
  • e01069133
    Hotels in the commercial center of the city, very good location, but the hotel is a bit old, good staff in the lobby, breakfast room service, crowded, and overall price/performance is not very high, in the hope of further improvement.
  • donnapsp
    Location good! but the smaller hotel rooms, facilities, parking is not very convenient!
  • funnycdm
    Hotel is downtown, door in repair Metro, next Cha junction one-way, traffic blocking has near 20 minutes only turned came to hotel door. hotel although compared old has, but various details said is has standard has attitude of, facilities equipment compared complete has, air conditioning switch although old, but effect good, also not noisy. bed no Simmons so soft, but right, pillow has level can selected. next also will to live!
  • e00136801
    gersghosdjvhpoxzlg;szXVjbnposzdLKvcbjzpohbjewbjskdcvj spogpoewshb
  • xpd123
    Old hotel, breakfast ended too early!
  • Devil_0000
    Select here is more convenient, but it's a little old!
  • casing
    General feeling.
  • stanley1980
  • rlp2011
    Opposite the hotel is the Tianyi square, very convenient. but stay we charge you 20 Yuan for parking, met for the first time.
  • gptlinda
    This is an old hotel, I often stay here for more than 20 years ago, which conveniently, in the city centre.
  • ender8088
    Travel choice available to Ningbo and convenient, the hotel is also very good
  • cwy_nb
    Also 123456
  • y long
    Located in the downtown area, convenient! facilities a bit older, sometimes free wireless!
  • eaxin
    Environment is very general, higher price
  • jujuan2010
    Hotel is a bit old but still can, clean, slightly noisy could hear the cars on the road in the evening sound!! whole feeling of satisfaction, the price is not expensive!
  • cmnetboy
    Good location good breakfast also very good.
  • jungle
    Also, hotel is a little long
  • buleagle
    Really very good very good, friends are satisfied things are complete electrical equipment is also very good all like good a choice to live in the future. hehe!
  • loveyi
    Very good, 80 years old living in a great time!
  • liangli
    Oh, just is, after all, old hotel
  • e00795005
    The location is good but what really old equipment is the most silent travel found a cockroach in the room for the first time in four years is still very much the kind of waiter knocked at the card directly into the breakfast room and there is not much variety. next time you should not stay.
  • E03748523
    Pretty good
  • mlb471106400
    Yes, recommend, and Ningbo, the price is
  • liyang2623626
  • lbr8401
    Well, unfortunately there is no hair dryer
  • andyyu821020
    Old four star should travel more convenient price is not expensive
  • ilvwln
    OK, breakfast is not recommended
  • maggielu78
    Hotel is very well located in the city centre, and Tianyi square, steps away, is the second stay at. Shopping environment and traffic did not say. dining well, not expensive. it's old facilities. But health conditions are good, the overall feeling good.
  • babu228
    Services can also, floor, old, old-fashioned hotel, convenient to the square opposite.
  • e03019555
    The location close to the Tianyi square, great location, recent Metro Zhongshan Road, traffic impact, shopping, hotel facilities, but prices can be compared, and high cost of breakfast, but also comfort, will also take into account next time.
  • CD Sunny Doll
    Location is nothing to say, the environment can also, room was a bit small, facilities a bit older, very warm
  • allybj
    The perfect location. can I low standard of the room, General hardware, rooms are a little small, a family of three is a little crowded. Groove bathroom faucet is broken, because it was too late, tired and not happy call, took a cold bath. breakfast small, but I like porridge, more suitable for me
  • isabella_t
    To specify choice of Ningbo
  • AlexaWang
    Not evaluated, evaluation of fifth ... one feeling that I'd like to ... ...
  • Fred7187
    High floor room is relatively quiet, waterfront with great view
  • fsabbel
    Nice place, very good location, on the edge of a square
  • iroar
    Service is more timely, the traffic is very convenient, is the decor a bit dated